The social dimension of customer relationships

Social Media and marketing automation are redefining the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) landscape, blurring the functional lines between sales, marketing and customer service. Each social media interaction, positive or negative, has the potential to be magnified across a network of connected people. In recent years a new term has emerged […]


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Is anyone reading this? Or is it just content marketing noise?

Marketers are now producing more content than ever before. They have their blogs and social media channels pumping out press releases, articles and posts on a weekly, daily and in some cases hourly basis. Too much of it is generating noise rather than compelling content that drives engagement and hence […]

Switching to Google Tag Manager

Millions of websites use Google Analytics(GA) to provide data on their traffic, conversions and even visitor interactions . When new conversion types or visitor interactions need to be measured, the process of getting it implemented can be made difficult by the need to make code changes to the website itself […]

google tag manager


When to outsource your online marketing

Your business depends on the success of your website to generate leads and sales. You want to gear up your digital and online marketing strategies to drive growth. The question is: how much do you do yourself and how much do you outsource? What are the costs? What are the […]